Thursday, 11 November 2010

More Convention Goodies

Hi All,

I know I promised to upload pictures of the Team swaps I'd received, but unfortunately the light wasn't any good when I went to take the photos........I'll try over the next few days, but I don't seem to have any free time at the know that feeling, don't you?

So instead.....this is the gift I gave my upliner, we were sharing a's a small boxed scrapbook, so she can have a memory of her time away

It opens like a concertina, so both sides can be decorated.
As it was a personal gift, I didn't worry that a few of the items used are now retired.

Whilst at Convention, I wore these hair bands made out of the extra large fancy flower and
5 petal flower punches. It was a last minute decision and a necessity..........all my clips had either broken or gone missing

This purple one was still in pieces when I first arrived at the's amazing what a bit of double sided sticky tape can do.....LOL!!

Infact, I love them so much, I'm thinking of expanding my collection..............and making them in lots of different colours
Hope you've enjoyed
Happy Crafting
Jane x


  1. Ha thats the best picture I ever seen of you lol, this gift is so much better in real life Jane , thankyou x

  2. Tut Tut Val! My cheeks are still hurting!

    Beautiful album.

    Jenny x