Monday, 8 November 2010

Convention 2010

Hi All,

Yes..........I have returned from my 1st ever Stampin' Up Convention, and 'WOW' what a fabulous few days it's been!! I've never laughed so much, and made some great new friends along the way. It's a lovely way to meet fellow demonstrators; not only from the UK, but France and Germany as well.

These were the flags that lined the driveway to Addlington Palace, where the Convention was held.

The night before it all started, our 'Team' decided we would hide ourselves away and craft. Most of us had never met before, so it was a great way to get to know one another. It didn't take long and our resident comedienne 'Val' (AKA my upliner) soon had us all in stitches...........I'm so sorry for anyone who may have been in the room next door, and hope they were staying up as late as we were (or at least been sensible and brought earplugs!!)

Jenny (my 'Hero' and SU 'Granny'.......she'll hate me for that........sorry Jen, but I've seen you in the scarf!.....sorry......private joke), brought along her camping table and set it up in her room, so we'd be comfortable crafting the night away. We did get caught carrying smuggling all the chairs out of our room though.........I wonder if they've sorted them out yet; as I forgot to replace them all
..........oh well, too late now...LOL!!

They say every picture tells a story........I wish the husbands would take note: all they have to do is show us some craft.........and see how happy we become!
We did do an awful lot of laughing over the 3 days, and we may not have been the largest group by any means, but boy, everyone knew where we were, just from the noise we were making!!
There was the odd occasion, when peace reined.............look at the concentration..........
..........but not for long!

Thank you 'Girls' for such a fabulous time. It's lovely to think, that just by having crafting in common, so many wonderful new friendships have been made.
I'll pop back tomorrow and show you the swaps I made,
'till then,
Happy Crafting,
Jane x

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  1. Hi Jane,

    I am so proud to have you as part of our Stampin UP Team. All your projects were amazing, You Rock Girlie!!!!

    You are so very kind and Thank you for the flowers.

    Love Jenny x