Sunday, 3 October 2010

Great Weekend!...........How was yours?

Hi All,

What a great weekend I've sister came to stay and we got time to play!! Lots of chatter and visitors by the dozen!!

This is something I plan to show my 'Buddies' how to make tomorrow. They were fascinated with the rosettes on my Christmas Banner and wanted to know how to make them; so I thought I'd create a box for it to sit on. It's effective but simple to create; (I always say that and they don't always agree...LOL!!)

I know it's using some of the old papers, but I'll need to use up my stock to create space for some more!

They'd also seen a bag created by my up liner Val, and fell in love with it.........and set me the challenge of recreating it; (I'm not allowed the pattern, because of copyright - she'd bought it from someone else)

Well, I'm not showing my first was more of a bucket bag......very bright and a little on the large side, you could say......I decided it was more of a day bag.......... as you could have fitted in the kitchen sink...LOL!!

This is what I ended up with....

I experimented by embossing basic black card stock and tried to get a more elegant look (such as the Groom DSP which is no longer available).
I'm pleased with the result.......and glad you didn't see the first creation, I may just make the handles slightly shorter next time.

What do you think?

Jane x

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