Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Internet Breakdown!!

Hi All,

I'm so ecstatic, I didn't think I'd miss my computer at all........but now I realise how much I rely on it, (I promise I'm wading my way through all the emails, so be patient.....I will reply!!)

Over a week ago, hubbie pinched the camera for a job he was doing............what I want to know is......why can't I have a cupboard like that to keep all my craft in one place?!! (OK...I know we don't have the room, but I could do with adjustable shelves......'pretty please')

Any way I digress, I found the camera took the pics to find the Internet broken......spare parts just arrived in the mail this am. WHOO!!

This small scrapbook I made for my son, it's using the celebration papers and adhesive accent

The photos have come out rather dark, so apologies.

Key words were stamped with the Schoolbook Serif Alphabet set, and then I sprinkled a few monsters around for good measure!

Thank you for visiting, I'll try and be back in a couple of days.........work's gonna get in the way, a slight inconvenience........but I've a few large bills which need paying!!
Jane x

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