Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Thank You Gifts

Hi All,
I'm back again, sorry it's been a while, life's been so hectic.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate my downliner on a very successful launch party. Some of you may affectionately know her as "Demo Di" from the Range. She has just decided to join the SU family, and I'm sure she will be able to give me lots of tips too - especially on blogging;(eg. load the pictures first; would have been a good one!!) Her new blog, specialising in SU products is called - SIMPLY SAID

This morning, I've been making little thank you gifts for the catering team I'm involved with.
We are starting to plan for what has now become an annual marathon, in making and supplying drinks, sandwiches and cakes for the Streetwise Fun Day.

This year, it is on Sunday the 19th July and is a free event, with all the 999 services and so much more to do and see. Please pop along for a fabulous fun day, we would love to see you there!!

For those of you unaware of LV Streetwise, it is a charity, based in a warehouse; which has been converted to look like many areas in the community, it's where children come and learn all about safety. If you wish to learn more about Streetwise, the Fun Day, or a visit please go to

In these gifts, is a packet of hot chocolate/horlicks. It takes quite a while to unwind; from such a busy and eventful day. I thought the ladies may appreciate something to put their feet up for -
I know from experience!!
It is based on the slider card idea, and someone gave me a similar one at the SU training day in Taunton, (unfortunately they didn't supply their name).
Happy crafting
Jane x


  1. Have renamed it copy right and all that to Simply said

  2. Enjoying your blog and good ideas, I'll have to get crafting again myself now!