Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Boxes, Boxes & More Boxes!!

Hi All,

Sorry, it's been a while..........but I've been busy trying to get myself organised.
The holidays are in full swing and sometimes I find it extremely difficult to find the time, to hide myself away, to craft. I've sorted out my next project - for my crafting buddies, using the 'Trendy Trees set; but it's too early to reveal that, at the moment.

So..........I thought I'd show you what else I've been up to.

Making boxes, for Christmas gifts (I told you I was getting organised!!)
Earlier in the year, when work was at a standstill (for my hubbie) - he decided to make things to stop himself going crazy. (See, he's more organised than I am!!) This at least, gave me an excuse to craft...............craft, that I knew he wouldn't mind me doing!! See, I'm not so daft now, am I? Don't answer that Val!!

A simple straight forward box using 'Snow Burst' stamps with gold shimmer paint.
It needs some ribbon, but I need to order some more........afraid, I can't reveal what's in the box. That's got you thinking hasn't it!!

This box I adore, the 'Groom DSP' just shouts class, and the ribbon is just gorgeous. Don't you agree? I can reveal what's in this one (as I know the recipient doesn't craft or blog hop!)

It's a set of coasters (numbered like dice)

All the boxes, large and small were adapted especially to fit the contents.

Just as well I like making 3D projects!!
Happy crafting
Jane x


  1. simply stunning xxx ps and I can read small print hee hee xxx

  2. ohhhhh theses are lovely Jane
    Well done you for being so organised.