Friday, 2 April 2010

My Sweet Pea

Hi All,

I said I would be back...........This is a take on Jo's desk card organiser, it's using the 'My Sweet Pea' stamp set and matching roller. I made a little scrap paper holder back in September; and this is constructed in exactly the same way

I just think that little bird is just so cute, don't you?
The colours I've used are taken with teal and rose red (I seem to be going through that phase at the moment - can't show you anything else yet or it'll spoil the surprise - ladies you know who you are!!)

These are a selection of cards I made to go in it.........
although some have all ready been sent.........

Hope you've enjoyed,
Happy crafting,
Jane x


  1. It's fantastic Jane! I've got a passion for Taken with Teal at the mo too. Gorgeous colour.

    J x

  2. This is very very nice Jane and great colour choice too.

  3. Hi Jane,

    Love the cards and the colours....cant wait to get my stamp set :)
    Janette x