Friday, 29 July 2011

Scrapbook Revisited

Hi All,

Sometime ago I promised you some photos of the scrapbook I'd designed for a hen party (only I'd forgotten to take my camera!)

Everyone had the same base layout pieces given, but could put their own twist on how they wished to embellish it. I'd made a few templates so that it wouldn't be too daunting for them, and they could copy if they wished. You can see the main post dated 13th June 2011

Unfortunately I'm not very computer literate and it won't let me upload some of the photos I've been sent, but these were the girl's favourite pages

I think you'll agree they were so creative considering only one person had crafted before.

I loved the number of combinations they came up with for a heart, and the twisting of the bird punch leaves into a tree is something I hadn't thought of before.

Hope they've inspired you to (and I'm sorry there's not more photos of their gorgeous creations)

Jane x


  1. Oh they do look wonderful, they have all
    come up with some great ideas.


  2. Lots of very pretty ideas!! xx