Friday, 16 July 2010

Better Late Than Never!

Hi All,

I have had annual leave from work this week and it has been exceptionally know what it's like - thinking you can get all these jobs off your to do list done.......but don't know how to cram them all in, in the time allowed. (Well, I've had one of those.... and I'm still playing catch-up!!)

I know it's Friday, but this is my entry for Heather's Sunday sketch.
I've been playing around with the Trendy tree set, (when time allows) and trying to come up with simple but stylish designs.

So I decided to add my version. It is an extremely simple card.........I don't think it's particularly stylish though! (The embossed line goes around all four sides, although it's not clear from the photo)

I hope things will calm down a little next week......there maybe work, but at least not everyday is full on the calendar!

Thanks for stopping by

Jane x