Friday, 29 January 2010

'Bad Blogger' ...........been AWOL!!

Hi All,

I know, I've been a really naughty and not uploaded anything in ages. I plan to put this to rights and organise myself better.

I have been crafting - honest!!

The problem is, I've been working on a load of Birthday projects, so it's been difficult show you the things I've been up to.

I'd like to wish a couple of my 'crafting buddies HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Pam for today, and Avis for Sunday.

This is a peep-po card, which I'm sure you'll both remember how to make!!
The words slide apart as the card opens revealing the image.

Hope you've both received lots of lovely goodies. xx

This next card, was for the lovely Jenny, a true inspiration to us all. It was such a hard card to make..........trying to think of something different - nothing seems quite right, when it's for someone who is so talented.

Happy Crafting
Jane x


  1. ooh err different I

  2. Hi Jane
    Great to see you back posting.

    Love those bright flower colours, so different than the usual pastels I use with these flowers. Lovely