Wednesday, 2 December 2009

More Red & Green

ARRGH..... it's December already, and I really do have to get down and sort out some gifts for Christmas!!

It didn't help when last week, I spent the entire time with my husband going around car showrooms; looking and test driving various models, makes etc. (cars don't really interest either of us) - as far as I'm concerned, as long as they get you from A to B safely and have enough room to get the camping gear in - what more do you need?! Unfortunately, although it got through it's MOT last month, it's on it's last wheels so to speak. Never mind, enough about cars....... my 14yr old son is heavily into 'Top Gear' and I'm sick of thinking and talking about them!!

Back to 'CRAFTING'!!
I'd like to say "hello" to Lizzie and Maddie who rescued me on Monday evening. We made various Christmas projects, here are a couple to show you.

A little slider box incorporating a card and of course some chocolates!!
Also a cute little bag.

We had such fun, they worked so hard and managed extremely well; especially as they hadn't done anything like this before.
Anyway must go - got to make a start on my Christmas cards!! I don't think I'd better sleep between now and the 25th!!
Happy crafting
Jane x

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