Monday, 29 June 2009


Well, I've finally done it - and entered the world of 'blog land'.
Please be patient with me, as I'm not very computer literate!!

An example: My son 13 yr has just walked past, laughed at my efforts - (he's been listening to me sigh and generally getting annoyed at my computer for the past hour or more); commenting that it should have only taken 5 mins and how would I like to make stuff for U Tube!!
I'm just visualising Homer Simpson with his hands round Bart's neck.

Please join me again soon, you never know there may be pictures too!

Happy crafting
Jane x


  1. Hi Jane
    I can't believe both you and Val have taken the plunge and created your blogs YOOOOOOHOOOO
    I am so pleased
    I will pop in regularly now and cannot wait to see some of your creations

  2. Hee Hee Well Done Jane, You and Val are going to be Super Stars.....

    Luv jen x